The Small Barrel Union is designed for elite Texas whiskey enthusiasts.  The focal point of the program is reserving your own small (five to 25 gallons) single barrel of Texas bourbon, single malt, or rye whiskey. You can choose from a barrel that's ready to bottle immediately, or pick out a new barrel to be aged in one of our rack-houses.  

It is a one-of-a-kind gift for graduation, retirement, and wedding parties. You can enjoy all bottles yourself or share with a few select friends. We also offer it to retailers as a unique single barrel offering.

As part of the selection process, you are invited to the distillery to sample our spirits and select your favorite.

Small Barrel Union

Benefits of Membership

  • Set of Glencairn Ranger Creek whiskey glasses.

  • Handcrafted labels with commemorative stickers

  • Ability to reserve a single barrel of any existing product

  • Access to learn how to distill grain-to-glass whiskey at Ranger Creek

  • Product sampling as it is aging in barrel

  • Lifetime membership


  • $250 one-time membership fee

  • You can expect 26-48 bottles (5 gallon cask)

  • $29 per bottle at Gift Shop, a few bucks more through distributor


To learn more and reserve your barrel, contact us below.