We’re very excited to announce that San Antonio Lager just won Best Munich Helles 2017 in its very first competition! We beat out Sam Adams and a bunch of serious German breweries. The award was issued by the World Beer Championships, run by the Beverage Testing Institute. Read their full review here.


Events @ RC
Fri Happy Hour, Fri, 7/21
Brewstillery Tour – 2:00, Sat, 7/22

Pizza Night, Sat, 7/22
Artisan Market, Sun, 7/23
Bob Dylan Night, Fri, 7/28
Brewstillery Tour – 2:00, Sat, 7/29
Sat Tasting Room, Sat, 7/29
First Thursday Trivia, Thur, 8/3
Fri Happy Hour, Fri, 8/4
Brewstillery Tour – 2:00, Sat, 8/5
Sat Tasting Room, Sat, 8/5

Interested in being able to tell authentic, handcrafted spirits from those that are inauthentically marketed as such? Check out our Makers vs Fakers primer and arm yourself with knowledge.

Come Tour Our Brewstillery!
Our popular brewstillery tour is two tours in one, so you’ll learn about brewing AND distilling. You can also just swing by for a craft beer or whiskey flight during our tasting room, or you can book a private event. Check out the tours and events page for more.

Where to Buy Ranger Creek
Our beer and whiskey is available many places in San Antonio and a few places in Austin, Dallas.Ft. Worth, Houston, and College Station. You can also order our whiskey online. Check out our where to buy page to find out more.

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