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Ranger creek  .36 White

.36 White is an award-winning spirit made with premium ingredients. Texas corn plays a prominent role in the sweet, slightly fruity profile. 

It is our white dog, in other words, our bourbon before it’s matured in oak barrels. It’s completely clear because bourbon picks up 100% of its color from the oak barrel. 

.36 White is made to be enjoyed several different ways. Its sweetness makes it an outstanding cocktail mixer. Mixologists and bartenders across the country are using white whiskey in cocktails like Moscow Mules, Bloody Marys and Margaritas as a flavorful alternative to vodka. It’s also delicious to infuse in a mason jar with some herbs, fruit or peppers for 1-2 weeks.

Whiskey enthusiasts will enjoy it as a white dog. Try it side by side with our .36 Bourbon to see the dramatic difference made by the barrel.




Our whiskeys are available at fine retailers and bars throughout Texas. Find the closest liquor store offering Ranger Creek spirits BELOW.

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