SAN antonio lager

San Antonio Lager is an easy drinking German-style lager, brewed in honor of our city. Nostalgic enough for San Antonio’s amazing history but contemporary like our city today. It's refreshing while also flavorful enough for craft beer drinkers. Just like our city, It’s got a little something for everyone.


Appearance: Light gold, almost clear in color. White head.
Aroma: Sweet, malty aroma with low floral hop notes and clean lager character.
Flavor: Starts with slight, sweet grain flavor with a soft palette, finishing dry. Over all mouthfeel is well-rounded.
Pairings: Chicken flautas, fontina cheese, and dark chocolate brownies.

Love Struck Hefe

Love Struck Hefe is brewed in the traditional German style with a healthy dose of Texas attitude. Consistent with German tradition, it is mashed to bring out a deep, golden color along with a touch of malty sweetness. We also alter the San Antonio water to match the water profile of Munich, which accentuates the German Hefe flavors.  Love Struck’s name is inspired by the Stevie Ray Vaughan song, which gives the beer an electric, summer time energy.

Appearance: Cloudy pale straw with a thick, white head.
Aroma: Balanced banana and clove.
Flavor: Starts with slight, sweet grain flavor with a soft palette, finishing dry. Overall mouth-feel experience is well-rounded.
Pairings: Fish tacos, summer patios, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

mission trail ale

Named in honor of the four southernmost Spanish colonial missions located in San Antonio, Mission Trail is an Extra Pale Ale with an easy-drinking ABV of 5.3%. The use of El Dorado hops creates a pleasant pear and tropical fruit aroma with just a hint of spice. The grain consists of 100% pilsner, resulting in a slight malt character that balances out the hop bitterness. The beer pours a beautiful clear straw color and boasts a fruit forward body that makes it a great choice for any occasion. 


Appearance: Clear straw color.
Aroma: Pear and tropical fruit with a hint of spice. 
Flavor: Dry finish with a slight malt character that balances out the hop bitterness. Fruit forward body. 
Pairings: Blackened chicken, Red Leicester cheese, fruit tart. 

Sunday morning coming down

Sunday Morning Coming Down is brewed in the traditional British style with the addition of cold brewed coffee from San Antonio's Merit Roasting. This year's blend of cold brew gives the beer a bold coffee aroma with flavors of caramel, fig, and plum. Lactose sugar adds body and mouth-feel to the beer like a splash of cream to a cup of coffee. 

And one more for DESSERT

Appearance: Deep brown with a thick, white head.
Aroma: Strong aromas of earthy coffee and peaches are backed by mild fig, plum, and caramel aromas. 
Flavor: Sweet caramel, coffee, stone fruit.
Pairings: Old Fashioned Doughnuts, BBQ Pork Ribs with Coffee Dry Rub, Johnny Cash.