Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling has partnered (again!) with Saving a Hero's Place to release a limited second-edition Thin Blue Line bottle on April 13th, 2019. Only 500 bottles will be bottled and sold as part of an exclusive .36 Straight Bourbon single barrel release, with a portion of the funds raised being donated to Saving a Hero's Place Inc. to further help their mission to honor first responders killed in the line of duty.


Thin Blue Line Bottle Release

Benefiting Saving a Hero's Place, Inc.

  • .36 Texas Straight Bourbon Single Barrel (375ml)

  • Limited 2019 release with 500 bottles, $69+tax per bottle

  • Available only at Ranger Creek gift shop, starting at Launch Party on April 13th

  • Four bottles max per person, pre-order available here

  • Portion donated to Saving a Hero's Place, Inc.

  • Launch Party: Saturday, April 13th, 5-9PM at Ranger Creek Brewstillery (details below)

Thin Blue Line Bottle 2019 Pre-Order

Saving a Hero's Place 2019 Limited Edition Release: Police Week 2019. Ranger Creek launch and pick-up party on Saturday April 13th, 5-9 PM. Bottles are available for pick up on or after 4/13 at Ranger Creek. Due to regulation, shipping is not available. Sales tax Included.

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