Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Ranger Creek .36 Texas Straight Bourbon

Real Texas Bourbon

.36 Straight Bourbon is our flagship whiskey that’s aged a minimum of 2 years. We age it in traditional large oak barrels and package it in traditional sized (750 ml) bottles. It’s a sipping bourbon that’s also cocktail friendly, and you can buy it a pretty reasonable price point for a small batch craft whiskey.

Appearance: Deep Amber
Nose: Vanilla and brown sugar with hints of new wood
Taste: Mellow caramel, butterscotch, and light cinnamon
Finish: Long, lingering sweet notes with a hint of warmth

Silver Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2017
Silver Medal, American Craft Spirits Association, 2017 Read more.

A Family of Bourbon

We’re passionate about education, and we’ve worked hard for over 6 years to bring you a really cool barrel experiment. First, you get to try what bourbon tastes like after it’s been distilled but before it goes into the barrel, which is our .36 White. Then you get to try that white dog aged in small barrels and packaged in small bottles as our .36 Small Caliber Bourbon. We also age it in traditional large barrels and package it in large bottles as our .36 Straight Bourbon. When we find exceptional large barrels, we let those age a little longer and package that whiskey as our .36 Single Barrel. Try the whole family and educate yourself about what bourbon tastes like at different stages.

A One-of-a-Kind Barrel Experiment

We’ve matured the same bourbon in both traditional big barrels and non traditional small barrels. The big barrels take 2-4 years to fully mature, but the small barrels mature in 9-18 months. The end result is a fascinating barrel experiment – the only kind we know of that consumers get to participate in. The small barrels are put into small, 375 ml bottles marked as our Small Caliber Series. The traditional, big barrels are put into traditional, 750 ml bottles marked as our .36 Straight Bourbon. We encourage you to buy a bottle of each to try them side-by-side. To participate in our barrel experiment yourself, download our tasting mat for step-by-step instructions.

Wait…Bourbon in Texas?

Think bourbon can only be made in Kentucky? You’re not alone. The fact is, however, any state in the union can make bourbon. Kentucky makes some fantastic bourbon, but there’s no reason that we can’t make our own version here in Texas. Don’t believe that bourbon can be made outside of Kentucky? Check out the federal government’s standards of identity and read the rules for yourself.

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