Ranger Creek Rimfire

Ranger Creek Rimfire Mesquite Smoked Texas Single Malt

2012 Small Caliber Series Release

Ranger Creek Rimfire is the second release in our Small Caliber Series, our line of creative, limited edition whiskeys aged in small barrels and sold in small bottles. Rimfire is a scotch-style single malt whiskey, but instead of smoking it with peat we smoked it with Texas mesquite. Using our local ingredient instead of the Scottish ingredient brings out a very different smoke flavor that is well balanced in the whiskey.

The nose of Rimfire brings about sweet tropical notes of ripe mango and dried banana with a hint of vanilla. The taste is smooth and delicate with a light malty sweetness. And the finish is soft, balanced, and dry with hints of light smoke and roasted chocolate. A few drops of water help to enhance the smoke and highlight the mesquite flavor.

Bronze Medal, American Craft Spirits Association, 2017 Read more.
Top 12 Best American Single Malts, Eater.com, 2016 Read more.
Gold Medal, 93 points, Beverage Testing Institute, 2016 Read more.
Bronze Medal, Whiskies of the World, 2016
Silver Medal, American Craft Spirits Association, 2016 Read more.
Best in Class, Whiskies of the World, 2015
Silver Medal, Whiskies of the World, 2015
Silver Medal (88 points), International Review of Spirits, 2015 Read more.
Bronze Medal, American Craft Distiller’s Association, 2014
86 points, Jim Murray Whisky Bible, 2014
B+, The Whiskey Reviewer, 2013
85 points, Whisky Advocate, 2013
Bourbon and Oak: “This would be an ideal whiskey choice for those who enjoy scotch but are looking to try something new.” Read more.

What’s in a name? A little Texas history

Rimfire is named after the type of ammunition used in the Winchester 1866 “Yellow Boy” repeating rifle. This famous rifle was used by many frontier Texans and is proudly on display in the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame.

Limited Edition

Each bottle of whiskey in our Small Caliber Series is hand labeled with the batch number, bottle number, season, and maturation time. Limited production of these unique, innovative whiskeys makes them special collector’s item products.

Uniquely Texan and Grain to Glass

Ranger Creek Rimfire, along with all of our products, is handcrafted in San Antonio from grain to glass in a labor intensive, manual process that takes love, time, and dedication. Some competitors take short cuts and buy their spirits from someone else. We do it like true Texans should.

Whiskey is just Distilled Beer

Rimfire is more than just a lightly smoked single malt whiskey. It’s a product that showcases what we can do as a “brewstillery”. As whiskey makers will tell you, whiskey is simply distilled beer. Ranger Creek Rimfire is an illustration of this. We took out Mesquite Smoked Porter and wondered what it would taste like distilled into a whiskey. So we brewed it (without the hops), distilled it, called it Rimfire, and released it for you to enjoy. Try it side by side with a Mesquite Smoked Porter to try and evaluate the similar flavors from the beer and the new flavors from the whiskey!

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