Ranger Creek .36 Texas Bourbon

Ranger Creek .36: Real Texas Bourbon

2011 Small Caliber Series Release

It turns out bourbon doesn’t have to be made in Kentucky. So we’re making it in Texas in a truly Texan way by using weather, attitude, and premium ingredients from the Lone Star State. Our goal is not to replicate Kentucky bourbon in Texas but to make Texas Bourbon.

Ranger Creek .36 Small Caliber is a Texas bourbon that is handcrafted every step of the way. It’s bold, just like the .36 caliber pistol the Texas Rangers carried that inspired its name. The Texas climate brings out a rich sweetness with hints of vanilla, brown sugar, and maple syrup. The rye we use provides an undertone of cinnamon spiciness. And the small barrels provide pleasant oak, a dry finish, and compact flavor. The result is an award winning, interesting, and unique bourbon that we believe does justice to Texas.

Appearance: Deep Amber
Nose: Vanilla and maple syrup with prominent oak
Taste: Strong caramel, new wood, and cinnamon
Finish: Short, warm, spicy, and dry with a sweet undertone

Bronze Medal, American Craft Spirits Association, 2017 Read more.
Silver Medal, Whiskies of the World, 2016
Silver Medal (2-4 yrs), American Craft Spirits Association, 2016 Read more.
Silver Medal (<2 yrs), American Craft Spirits Association, 2016 Read more.
Silver Medal, Whiskies of the World, 2015
Gold Medal, American Craft Spirits Association, 2015 Read more.
Silver Medal, Whiskies of the World, 2014 Read more.
Gold Medal, American Craft Distiller’s Association, 2014
93 points, Jim Murray Whisky Bible, 2014
Double Gold Medal, The Fifty Best, 2014 Read more.
Beverage Testing Institute, 90 points (Exceptional) Read more.
Bronze Medal, American Distilling Institute 2012
Whisky Advocate: 86, “One of the better young bourbons I’ve had.” Read more.
WhiskyCast: 85, “The taste is spicy and crisp with good oak, black pepper, and vanilla notes.” Read more.
Sour Mash Manifesto: 8.3 (Very Good/Excellent), “If this bourbon is any indication they are doing something right in San Antonio.” Read more.
Angel’s Share Magazine: “Ranger Creek can certainly take pride in putting their production of Ranger Creek .36 Bourbon Whiskey on the list of must try bourbons from Texas!” Read more.
Bourbon and Oak: “This whiskey reminded me of having dessert at a fancy restaurant.” Read more.

A One-of-a-Kind Barrel Experiment

We’ve matured the same bourbon in both traditional big barrels and non traditional small barrels. The big barrels take 2-4 years to fully mature, but the small barrels mature in 9-18 months. The end result is a fascinating barrel experiment – the only kind we know of that consumers get to participate in. The small barrels are put into small, 375 ml bottles marked as our Small Caliber Series. The traditional, big barrels are put into traditional, 750 ml bottles marked as our .36 Straight Bourbon. We encourage you to buy a bottle of each to try them side-by-side. To participate in our barrel experiment yourself, download our tasting mat for step-by-step instructions.

What’s in a name? A little Texas history

Ranger Creek .36 is named after the .36 Patterson Colt revolver. This innovative weapon was the first commercial repeating shot revolver of its kind, and it was widely used by the Texas Rangers as a key tool to help defend the Texas frontier.

Limited Edition

Each bottle of whiskey in our Small Caliber Series is hand labeled with the batch number, bottle number, season, and maturation time. Limited production of these unique, innovative whiskeys makes them special collector’s item products.

Uniquely Texan and Grain to Glass

Ranger Creek .36, along with all of our products, is handcrafted in San Antonio from grain to glass in a labor intensive, manual process that takes love, time, and dedication. Some competitors take short cuts and buy their spirits from someone else. We do it like true Texans should.


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