Small Caliber Series

Ranger Creek Small Caliber Series

Small Barrels, Small Bottles, Big Flavor

Our Small Caliber Series is an award-winning line of creative, limited edition whiskeys aged in small barrels. We put these whiskeys in small bottles to represent the small barrels in which they have been matured. The small barrels accelerate the maturation process by increasing the wood to liquid ratio in the barrel. This imparts unique, interesting flavors and allows us to experiment with new products. In the spirit of being truly craft, we use local ingredients and innovative ideas for our Small Caliber Series. Each bottle is hand labeled with the batch number, bottle number, season, and maturation time.

Ranger Creek .36 Texas Bourbon Whiskey

2011 Small Caliber Series Release

Flagship, award winning Texas bourbon. Over 2 pounds of Texas corn in each small bottle. Learn more.

Appearance: Deep Amber
Nose: Vanilla and maple syrup with prominent oak
Taste: Strong caramel, new wood, and cinnamon
Finish: Short, warm, spicy, and dry with a sweet undertone

Ranger Creek Rimfire Mesquite Smoked Texas Single Malt Whiskey

2012 Small Caliber Series Release

Scotch-style single malt whiskey smoked with Texas mesquite instead of Scottish peat. Learn more.

Appearance: Fresh straw
Nose: Sweet notes of ripe mango and dried banana, hint of vanilla
Taste: Smooth and delicate with a subtle malty sweetness
Finish: Soft, balanced, and dry; hints of light smoke and roasted chocolate

Ranger Creek .44 Texas Rye

2013 Small Caliber Series Release

100% rye whiskey aged in used bourbon barrels to showcase the delicious complexity of the grain. Learn more.

Appearance: Rich gold
Nose: Cinnamon, mint, toffee
Taste: Strong, compact, minty coolness, notes of clove and tobacco
Finish: Clean and warming with lingering notes of fresh bread crust

A One-of-a-Kind Barrel Experiment

We’re maturing the same whiskey in both traditional big barrels and non traditional small barrels. The big barrels take 2-4 years to fully mature, but the small barrels mature in 9-18 months. The end result is a fascinating barrel experiment – the only kind we know of that consumers get to participate in. The small barrels are put into small, 375 ml bottles marked as our Small Caliber Series. The traditional, big barrels are put into traditional, 750 ml bottles. We encourage you to buy a bottle of each to try them side-by-side. To participate in our barrel experiment yourself, download our tasting mat for step-by-step instructions.

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