Single Barrel Bourbon

Limited Edition: Ranger Creek .36 Single Barrel

Best in Show, 2015 American Craft Spirits Association Judging Competition

Some people call our .36 Single Barrel the Texas Pappy, and we’re not one to argue. This bourbon won Best in Show at the 2015 ACSA Judging Competition, which basically recognized it as the best craft spirit in the U.S. It’s also rare and hard to find. Look for the next release in 2018 or 2019.

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Best in Class, Whiskies of the World, 2015
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Best in Show, American Craft Spirits Association, 2015 Read more.
Best in Class, American Craft Spirits Association, 2015 Read more.
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What Makes a Single Barrel?

Whiskey is aged in oak barrels, and most of the time a batch of whiskey is comprised of multiple barrels that are vatted together. The term “Single Barrel” means all the whiskey came out of one individual barrel. As you can imagine, it’s a labor intensive process to bottle whiskey one barrel at a time, so we reserve this for barrels that have been hand selected because they are incredible. Our .36 Single Barrel is the same bourbon as our .36 Straight Bourbon, but we hand select the best barrels and let them age longer.

Oldest Bourbon in Texas

The age statements range from 2 years 9 months up to 3 years 8 months, and there’s interesting variation from barrel to barrel. The barrel numbers start at S01 and go up to S20 (“S” stands for “Single Barrel”). The lower numbers have the older age statements. The barrels aged 3 years 8 months are the oldest, most mature bourbon barrels aged in Texas.

Premium Packaging

Each bottle is packaged in a limited edition display box and has the barrel number and unique bottle number hand written on it, along with the age statement and vintage. All 14 of these barrels are considered our 2014 vintage since we’re releasing them this year.

Unique Character from Every Barrel

.36 Single Barrel is also a rare treat. The term “Single Barrel” means all of the whiskey came from one individual barrel, as opposed to multiple barrels being vatted together for a large bottling run. Single Barrel bourbon means the barrels were hand selected and painstakingly bottled one at a time. Each barrel also has its own unique character, which we’ve captured in the tasting notes below.

S01: Sweet caramel, vanilla, and butter scotch. Balanced mellow wood. Light, warming, and elegant. S03: Caramel and maple syrup with cinnamon spice more prominent. Bright, rye-forward, dry. Long finish, warming and flavorful.
S04: Caramel-forward, earthy, herbal, and sweet. Coating mouthfeel. Unique and intriguing balance of flavors. S10: Butter scotch, vanilla, brown sugar, and cinnamon. Smooth, mellow, and easy.
S13: Full nose of toasted wood, vanilla, and maple syrup. Punchy, sweet, and spicy. Balanced dryness. S14: Molasses and butter scotch, earthy and complex. Mellow vanilla and caramel. Flavor develops when opened up with 2 drops of water.
S16: Earthy, herbal, and vanilla. Smooth mint with a lingering finish. S17: Herbal, caramel, and cinammon. Sweet caramel and grain. Oak and a lingering sweetness.
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