Small Batch Series No. 11

Apricot Sour
8.4% ABV
12.7 oz. (375 ml) bottle
Label color: Apricot Orange
Wax dipped

Small Batch Series No. 11
The 11th edition of our rare and experimental small batch release is an Apricot Sour. We blended together barrels of one year aged Belgian Blonde ale that was inoculated with a third generation of our house sour barrel. In the beer’s last month of barrel aging we added over 25 pounds pounds of fresh apricots to every barrel. This gave the body of the beer a sweet, juicy character upfront while maintaining a complex spicy and dry finish. When consumed fresh the beer has a piquant apricot and melon aroma that is backed by the the warming vanilla from the oak along with earthy and funky tones from the evolving solera culture. Enjoy one now and save a few to cellar as this beer will continue to mature in the bottle. Pour with care, as this beer contains live yeast from refermentation in the bottle. Cheers!

About the Small Batch Series
Our Small Batch Series is a line of seasonal single batch brews designed to be unique, interesting, and often experimental. Each one is made in small quantities and with a completely different recipe. The unique color, number, and QR code on each label identifies each batch, the details of which can be referenced on our website or by scanning the QR code with a smart phone. Small Batch Series releases are meant to age well over time, so drink a bottle now and save others to enjoy later. They will cellar best in a dark place around 50 degrees. Each batch is brewed and bottled by hand and undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle. Pour carefully so as not to rouse the yeast.

Limited Edition, Collector’s Item
We’ll only brew one batch of each Small Batch Series release. As a result, we’ll only release a VERY limited number of bottles, and once they are gone they will be gone for good. Be sure to grab a couple of bottles so you can drink one and save the others to add to your collection.

New Label Design
The first ten Small Batch releases all had the same common label theme with a different color integrated into each release. Small Batch Series No. 11 introduces a new label theme that our next ten Small Batch releases will use. Not only is the design different, but the label’s shape and paper is also new.

Baby Belgian Bottles
We are one of the first breweries to use the unique, 375 ml bottles that we put our Small Batch Series beer in. The bottles were commissioned by Russian River, and as far as we know we are the 2nd brewery after them to use the bottles! They are the baby brother version of the 750 ml bottle that we use for La Bestia, a cool, unique, baby Belgian bottle!

Wax on, Wax Off
The bottles are wax dipped to protect them from the elements during cellaring. Buy a few bottles so you have one to drink and a couple to age for various lengths of time.

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