Oatmeal Pale Ale





Ranger Creek OPA

American Pale Ale with Oats

A central Texas take on the classic American style, Ranger Creek OPA is an American Pale Ale at heart that has new dimensions of flavor imparted by oats. It has smooth, sweet, and toasty malt flavors with an underlying creamy nuttiness from the oats. The malt profile is balanced nicely by U.S. grown Centennial and Amarillo hops. The nose and finish are full of toasted coconut, pineapple, lime zest, apricot, and herbaceous spice, making this beer pair well with Thai food, a juicy hamburger with sharp cheddar, and oatmeal cookies.

Available Sizes:
1/2 barrel (15.5 gallon) keg
1/6 barrel (5.16 gallon) keg
12 oz. longneck bottle in 6-packs (24 pack case)

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